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 Role Playing Pointers

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PostSubject: Role Playing Pointers   Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:41 am

A Few Pointers on Roleplaying (rp)'ing))

1. keep the story flowing, don't just say something that leaves others at a stand still.

2. Detail is key, if your not pacific, then others may imply;were you are/ what you are doing/ what you really meant.

3. If a character/s is thinking, then dont say things that he/she is thinking. Of course, if you have a power that lets you do that, then its ok, just say so before hand, and the person thats thinking needs to say they are thinking.

4. Don't magically bring your character back to life, if another character is attacking you, make a reasonable move back.*powers do apply*

5. Follow the Roleplay's master's rules (the master is the one who made it/started it/ stated the rules, this can be more than one person.)

6. and most important of all, have fun, and make the roleplay fun.


A few basic rules to roleplaying, that mostly all roleplays follow *can be changed if the master/s want to*

1. No fighting ( take it on a privet message if you must)

2. No cussing, bad language

3. stay on topic

4. no spaming

5. don't harasser others

6. No complaining, if you want to, sent a message to the person you want to complain to

If The Master, Or Other Players Think You Have Been Breaking These Rules, Then They Can Kick You Out, Or You Will Be Ignored.

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Role Playing Pointers
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